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Dear Rossville Middle Parents,

Distance Learning Continues for the Remainder of the School Year!

Please encourage your children to do the online assignments or the hard copy learning packet assignments each week. Students who complete these assignments will be in much better shape when we can return to school in the fall.

Teachers are available for student questions and additional support on Monday through Wednesdays from 10am – 2pm. Thursdays are for remediation, enrichment, or progress monitoring. Fridays are for makeup work help and intentional wellness… have some fun on Fridays and enjoy some family time.

Teachers are also available for parent questions and support for at least one hour each evening between 5pm-8pm Monday – Thursday. Please email or Dojo message your child’s teachers if you have questions or need assistance.

Paper Learning Packets Pick-Up:

Learning packets will be available for students who cannot access online learning at this time. Parents can pick up packets most days at RMS between 10am – 2pm. Please remain in your car and pull up to the front door.

Electronic Devices:

We will not be able to distribute any electronic devices until after April 13th… and possibly even later depending on other factors. I will keep you updated on the details of this possibility in the near future.

Retrieving items from within the building May 1st:

We realize that many students have items in their lockers or elsewhere in the building that they will need to pick up soon. We will plan to provide each grade level a specific time and date to pick up those items on May 1st. We cannot allow very many people in the building at one time… so a designated time frame and social distancing guidelines will have to be followed. We will make sure every student has multiple opportunities to retrieve any items that are still in the building.

Thank you!

Jason Pelham – RMS Principal

316 Bulldog Trail

Rossville, GA 30741

P: 706-820-0638

F: 706-820-1857